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  • Tips for creating a successful school routine

    For most students who are not quite organized, school means rush hour mornings, sleepy classes, and last minute late night homework’s. If you’re lucky, you occasionally squeeze in a healthy meal. To top these things, nowadays tuition and activity classes are always queued up, occupying most of the evenings. Students find themselves and their routines in a complete chaos. Below are the top Tips for creating a successful school routine.

    Khaitan Public School, one of the best CBSE schools in Ghaziabad guides you all to plan your study and leisure routines in such a way so as to strike a perfect student life balance. Follow these tips that come from the Best School In Sahibabad and one among the top 10 schools in Ghaziabad 2019 to create a successful school routine.

    • Early to bed, early to rise is the real wise

    Start your school routine by creating a sleep schedule. Enforce a bed time and rise early to avoid being tired and cranky all through the day.

    • Make the most of school hours

    School hours are a perfect blend of cocurriculars and study. Engage actively in all activities at school for a holistic growth.

    • Eat right, dont skip meals

    Students often tend to skip meals and indulge in binge eating. But if you dream to ace the race in the long run, it is vital to eat nutritious 3 square meals with proper and healthy mid-time snacks.

    • A power nap in the afternoon is an energy booster

    A battery recharge is as important for humans as it is for gadgets. Relaxing for 30 minutes to one hour can give you the energy required to efficiently sail through the study hours.

    • Study and homework in the early evening

    Instead of staying up till midnight doing your homework’s and preparing for the tests, it is advisable to complete the tasks beforehand and avoiding a spill over spoilt week.

    • Exercise or play to stay fit

    An hour of leisure activity in the day is sure to give the necessary relaxation to your body and mind. To top it up, it reaps heath benefits and helps you achieve your fitness goals.

    • Sunday is for relaxing, reflections, feedback and strategizing

    Give yourself the necessary break by spending some time with your family and scheduling the following weeks study plans.

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