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  • Student Mental Health

    Student Mental Health: An Important aspect of student success.  In this new world, which is filled with sickness we never talk about one aspect of sickness- mental sickness. Being mentally healthy is very important, and having a good mental health ensures a successful and positive life. Everything has a beginning and an end so does mental health. It starts with misery and remains a life-long curse for the family until death.

    Most of the problems start because of loneliness, depression as well as heart breaks that we face and the difficulties along with sudden happenings of our lives.

    The teenage years of a person’s life bring a lot of problems; it is an unsettling and anxious period of time, as teenagers face the difficulties of transition into adulthood.

    If a person is mentally ill, that person would most likely attach a negative perspective to every situation and would give up all that he/she used to love and admire. Chances are that they will withdraw from their families, looking like the very picture of helplessness!  The question is how to help them recuperate? What is the best way to rehabilitate them without causing emotional trauma? How to help them become stable?

    I guess this can be done best mostly by talking about it, by sharing it with someone who understands and knows you. We should never hesitate to bring up this topic because when people tell others their stories, the listener gets to share their problem and as the listeners are most likely their parents and friends, there is a likelihood that the problem shall soon be mitigated. We get to know that we are not alone and know that tackling this is not as hard as we thought. This can forge closer family relationship and fasten our friends closer to our bosom. We must have the conviction that whatever happens in our life, it’s important to stay positive.

    Navnee Sharma


    Khaitan Public School

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