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  • Redefining Smart: Inculcating Art Skills in Students

    How do you define a smart student? ‘One who is intelligent and disciplined’ is the most obvious answer. It is one of the commonest images that comes to mind when we think of a smart person. But, this is the 21 st century, and this century demands children with varied skills- academics, sports, and arts.

    Here, we focus on the importance of arts in the growing years of children: –

    Creativity:  Well, this may be apparent, but Arts help children express themselves better in any discipline. If children have the continuous practice of thinking ingeniously, the Mathematical, Scientific and Analytical skills will naturally come to them and will really be helpful in their future careers.

    Improved Academic Performance:  It’s not just about creativity; there are ample of other benefits as well. According to an American report, young people who participate regularly in the art classes (3-4 hours) are four times more likely to be recognized for their achievement. They are more liable to participate in a Mathematics and Science fair or win an award for writing an essay.

    Confidence: While mastering a subject is the most widespread idea of gaining confidence, quite a lot of students fall behind in this route. However, students active in artistic activities such as singing or dancing on the stage, easily get over their fear.

    Decision Making: Engaging in art activities help students to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

    Accountability:  When engaging in other forms of art, such as group dancing or group singing, students learn about their accountability and about their contributions to the group. Even if they fail at their job, they realize that it is important to take responsibility.

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