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  • Road Accidents in India

    This blog is about Road Accidents happening in INDIA which seems to be uncountable in numbers causing a huge loss to their families, emotions and increasing the death rates that are unfortunate to all. The purpose of this blog is to make the public aware of their doing and about consequences faced after those worst accidents. Here we don’t require numbers for arguments, but we need to know the cause to reduce those accidents, ‘OVER SPEEDING, DRUNKEN DRIVING, RED LIGHT JUMPING, AVOIDING HELMETS, USING MOBILES, these are are man made mistakes just due to carelessness. On other hand issues, due to lack of infrastructural facilities andĀ late medical support in which most are fatal injuries having highest conversion rate to death. These accidents moreover cause a huge traffic jam and waste the valuable time of others.

    Being a responsible citizen of India , if we cross through any accidents at least we should call ambulance else its your duty to help the injured , May be you can save his or her life. Think over it and be a person who can be a asset to other.

    All in all I would like to say and request you all is to follow the traffic rules and regulations and don’t be the one to enjoy the entertainment. At last I would request the young generation of India not to ride the vehicle below the age of 18 years as it is not a matter of single life but many lifesĀ  and request parents not to give two wheeler as well to
    their children.

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