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    Sunday evenings are generally uneventful. Everybody is so intrigued in the Monday jim-jams, that all four of us barely manage to have the evening snack together. Papa-Mumma were having tea with the Navratan – mixture, while I and my sister were doing a terrible job at finishing our turmeric-milk concoction. The couch which was once able to accommodate all of us, today, out of no reason, felt stuffed. I think we’ve all plumped up during Diwali celebrations. The T.V was on, and the news flashed, as it does, on daily basis. I rarely pay attention as to what comes up there, but this time, it was about the Ram – Mandir case, I recognised due to the ear-splitting noises that accompanied the headlines.

    I asked my father about the relevance it held. After being ridiculed that a student of class 11 had no idea of what was going in the country, I got my answer. Yet, he tried to explain everything in the best way possible. “Having personally lived through the nightmare of communal rights and bloodshed in somewhat 1992 to 1993, during the demolition of Babri Masjid, it was my fervent hope and prayer that a national tragedy like this shall never be allowed to happen again”, my father said.

    Now, the news presented a saint-like figure, talking to a journalist, over the case. Unlike his appearance, his words weren’t much saint-like. He conversed such, that the whole “protestant image” in my mind baffled. He trivialized, and ridiculed the Muslims, instead of providing any content to the audience, that was worth listening to. This created a chain of thoughts in my mind and I began to process them, and soon early, write them.

    It is unfortunate that the matter of religious beliefs nature has been allowed to assume political overtones to become a “dispute”, often threatening to disturb the atmosphere of peace and harmony in the country.

    As much as we see the country progressing today, the amount of unveiled regressive minds this year, is equal or even greater in comparison. The country is not for absurd, communal minds to control, but for advancing personalities to take account of the diversity, and end into suitable and unified decisions. We aren’t privileged to draw any conclusions merely on the basis of an individual’s religion, but end up thinking as a country. As a land, which only incorporates diversity for creating a basis of endearment and warmth in the country. But lamentably, India now turns from “unity in diversity” to “disunity due to diversity”. As pertinently pointed out by Jonathan swift, “People seem to have enough religion to hate each other, but not enough religion to love one another.”

    It is imperative that concerted efforts are made by all peace-loving people who believe in bringing humanitarian changes to the society, to find an amicable solution to the problem, in accordance with the best spiritual traditions of the religions beliefs.

    People of India should think as Indians and not Hindus or Muslims, they must come together and co-operate to construct a National Monument of Peace, Love and Inter-Religious harmony at the disputed site, where the people belonging to all castes, creeds and faiths will be welcomed for prayers and meditation.

    As for Ram mandir and babri masjid, let the same be constructed by the devotees as magnificent edifices adjoining the “National Monument of Peace”, which would not only instill their faith in peace and inter-religious beliefs harmony but would also be a symbol for upholding “NATIONAL SENTIMENTS”.

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