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  • Reading Club: A Session on Mental Imagery

    Good readers construct imaginative and creative images (Mental Imagery) in their mind as they read. The Reading Club helmed by its patrons, Ms. Sunanda Parihar and Ms. Kirti Singhal, held an enjoyable two part session of ‘Mental Imagery for Reading’ for the students of grades VII & VIII. A descriptive passage was read out to them and the students drew what they had listened to. They were able to give a physical form to their interpretation of the text. Later, a peer sneak peak session was also conducted and each student was delighted as well as amused to see what the others had drawn.
    In the later part of the session, students were given a passage to read. They drew and coloured what they had read. Students realised the power of forming visuals from words. They were happily engaged in the task as they reflected on their reading and made connections using their previous experiences. They learned how to weave colorful pictures in their mind of the things they’ve read as they read.

    The students contently participated in the evocative task of drawing what they saw in their mind’s eye and thereby coming that much closer to being deep readers.

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