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  • PUBG: The Game Changer

    PUBG has become a rave among students and adults alike. It is an addictive game which allows you to kill people in a virtual world, leaving you satiated. It gives you a momentary sense of victory at having conquered the world. It is a bad influence and it leads to wastage of time. These are certain things that are commonly shared by people who do not play themselves. Let us use this space to enlighten them a bit.

    PUBG is a game which has actually changed the game for other games. It has conquered imagination and inspired people. Confused huh!! It inspires people to move beyond their failures and bask in the glory of their victory. It relieves the mind of people from tensions and stress. It gives much-needed entertainment and respite from busy schedules. All these answers popped up when I was talking to children about the disadvantages of the game.

    Children, nowadays, have it in them to be the devil’s advocate. A long discussion with them made me realize that there was some truth in what they were telling me. Their insights are not only relevant to the game in question but to other issues where we feel that we have learned from our experiences. They compel us to think and accept things that we had never anticipated we would think. They bring down the walls (made from Ambuja cement) of our antediluvian perceptions and remind us humbly that the wall will only stand when the cement of their thoughts holds the bricks together.

    Personal learning has been that nothing that this generation engages in can be outrightly dismissed as being wrong. This generation has given us a lesson in acceptance and patience. We need to trust their logical mind which informs them immediately that they have failed and they need to change their course. So, no matter how long they argue with you about the benefits of PUBG, they will soon realize that killing people is not a very good pastime.

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