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  • Orientation Day for New Class IX Students and their Parents

    As the day began, the students who have passed Class VIII to join Class IX at KPS came pouring in along with their parents to occupy their seats well laid in the front lawns of Khaitan Public School premises. Class IX is the beginning of a new journey for the students and their parents. The first class of the secondary school is a turning point in life when things can start on a high for the students so that they always land on the soft grass, or it can be unplanned forcing students to always crash land on water until they themselves find the land nearby. Parents and teachers play a major role in it and therefore, an orientation session for the students and their parents was organized by the school management. More than 50 parents participated in the session and got an opportunity to interact with both Mr. Anand, HM – SW, and Ms. Geeta Varshneya, ED. Ms. Anand addressed the parents to discuss the school policy. He shared all the options in front of the parents and all the information regarding the academics were also shared. Ms. Varshenya also talked about the challenges ahead for the students and how they can excel in every field with just minute changes in their lifestyle. Parents also asked a lot of queries and cleared their doubts regarding the ECA/Group Sports activities. The session was highly informative and motivating for the students and parents. Parents later shared their satisfaction and showed their support to create the conducive environment for the growth of their wards in all directions.

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