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  • Nurturing Relations

    This blog is about the combination of parents and teenagers that never goes together. The purpose of this blog is to give tips to all the parents and teenagers to make the bond between them stronger. The major reason of disagreement between parents and teens is the sudden feeling of being “grown-up“amongst the teens as they start thinking that they know what they need and how to work things out. Their ways must not be the most efficient ones but they the correct ones most of the times. This makes them underestimate their parents’ inputs but there are many things that parents know the best.

    The teens should recognise and think about what their parents are telling them and why, also the same goes for parents they should research about what their child is saying and take it into consideration.

    The parents should also learn to let go of their teens as they are not a child anymore and don’t require the usual pampering or for that matter supervision. Many parents pamper/supervise their children too much, which in turn leads to spoiled attitudes and at times stubbornness.

    All in all I would like to say that parents should allow their teenage children to make their own decisions and monitor from a distance but as soon as they make a decision which harms them or affects them in a wrong manner they should intervene immediately, this is the only key to have a happy teen and happy parenting.

    Also I would like to thank my school Khaitan Public School for me it is the best school in Sahibabad, because our teachers help and motivate us in maintaining this complicated parent – teenage relationship
    in the best possible way.
    Digvijay Dutt
    X C

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