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  • Bend Backs vs. Straight ‘A’s : Light Bags, No Homework Policy

    Did you know CBSE recently guided all schools to follow a light bag and no homework policy?

    Have you ever tried to calculate how much time does your child spends doing school homework? If you haven’t, we tell you, it’s not less than 25 hours in a week. Sometimes, these figures come close to total work hours for an adult. The no homework policy is a step in right direction.

    Light bags and no homework policy is imperative as the homework keeps on growing with every grade, this increased workload gets compensated by:

    • Lesser time on learning skills such as learning new language, IT skills etc.
    • Lesser time to pursue hobbies such as painting, dancing, singing etc.
    • Less attention on physical activities like exercise, sports, yoga etc, which often leads to an unhealthy lifestyle.

    Researchers from Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) have concluded that “after around four hours of homework per week, the additional time invested in homework has a negligible impact on performance. Thus, it can be concluded that there’s an unnecessary importance given to homework. Instead,

    The following steps could be taken: –

    • Limit the maximum amount that a student spends doing homework.
    • Homework/assignments should be made optional.
    • No homework during school breaks etc.

    There’s more…

    And the problems do not end here. Students as young as 9 years of age have been found to be carrying as much as 25 percent of their body-weight whereas, the prescribed limit is only 15 percent. The gravity of the situation is such that, heavy bags have affected the posture of an entire generation of children, leading to fatigue, spinal diseases, and related afflictions.

    In the recent years, some schools have switched to digital modes of learning through tablets and other technology, but mass adoption by schools is still like a far-fetched dream. The reality is that students have been cramming text- and exercise-books in their bags due to the fear of getting punished.

    It’s about time…

    We start to think about these student issues. Schools can use the classrooms space to store books and notebooks for children to use during classes. Similarly, no homework policy ensures, homework given in a school should be based on a guideline that spares time for adequate rest and learning other skills. Similarly, the government can also do its bit, such as the recent decree by CBSE, according to which children attending Classes I and II of schools affiliated to the board will not be set any homework or expected to carry bags to school. Some forward-thinking schools such as Khaitan Public school, Ghaziabad often recognized as the Best CBSE School in Sahibabad is already integrating such initiatives into its curriculum which reduces physical and emotional workload on children. KPS believes into holistic growth of students where students grow as all-rounders without any pressure on them. Admission 2018-19 is now open.

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