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  • The Modern Teacher

    Recently, there has been a lot of conversation over the skills that students of 21st Century should possess. It also becomes important that teachers and educators have the modern skills that are essential to make, learn and grow. Khaitan Public School in Sahibabad lists the checklist for a modern teacher.

    Tech Savvy: A modern teacher must understand technology works and how it will benefit the students. By knowing the basics about useful tech tools, apps, software, a teacher can lighten his workload and better engage your students.

    Knows to make the best use of Resources:  If one looks carefully, most schools have the resources to make learning fun. Group research activities in library and I.T. labs is something all schools can do. Similarly, the school transport could be used to take students to educational and recreational trips. There, teachers should aware of what all resources school has and how to use them for the benefit of children.

    Participates in Social Media:  Teachers are inspirational figures. Students, fellow educators and other members of the community wish to connect with each other even after school hours and holiday. Social media acts as a convenient option to communicate where they could share their thoughts, connect with others and answer to questions.

    Have Great Communication Skills:  Having an active presence on social media means teachers have to be great communicators. Good speaking and writing skills are a must, which should be used in blogging, vlogging, twitting or emailing.

    Celebrates diversity:  Children today are the most liberal, open-minded, accepting generation to ever grow up in India. They come from different racial, ethnic, and gender groups. Thus, it becomes important that their teachers replicate the same values of liberalism and open-mindedness. Essentially, every day should be a celebration of their diversity.

    A Life-Long Learner:  The life around is changing very rapidly. Nobody knew drones, self-driving cars, or 3D printers were actually going to happen. Teachers being at the heart of learning, need to keep pushing towards new avenues to learn and better themselves. These could be attending conferences or taking courses online.

    Summing-up, teachers have to go far beyond computers and tablets. They should be able to connect with students beyond technology. Khaitan public school realises the need of having such modern teachers and thus, overcome the challenges of modern-day teaching. khaitan public school Sahibabad admission 2018-19 now open.

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