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  • Next-Generation School Modern Libraries

    Librarians all over the world are facing the critical question of how to get people interested in to the library. With digital revolution, all the information in the world available at one’s fingertips. Thus, people are not finding libraries as useful as before. When it comes to school libraries, the situation in no different. In schools too, students have been disinterested to go to library and read as they think that any information they want is available on mobiles and computers which is also much convenient. The time has come, when libraries start to offer more than their tradition roles and become modern libraries.

    The new Roles:

    Traditionally, school library has been associated with information skills, especially information retrieval and access to reading materials. The teaching role of the librarian embraces a specific kind of inquiry that encompasses information processing and intervention through Guided Inquiry. This role has expanded from reading advisory, motivation, and free choice reading to applying reading strategies to improve comprehension in learning. In the present times, modern libraries include technology literacy as well including information finding and retrieval, integration of technology with traditional teaching methods. Summing up, the teacher-librarian’s role is ICLT education – Information, Communication, Literacies across multimedia formats, and Technology.

    The modern libraries has more than the regular employees working in it. Students can be great contributors as volunteers, apprentices, interns, service agents, and aides. Staffs and students together can develop the collection and delivering instruction. The work at library are should not be limited to checking out books, shelving, and tidying the library. But instead, they can also can serve as technicians who troubleshoot hardware and software problems and technology integrationists who help others to use library materials. Maintain websites, wikis, databases, library guides, blogs can also be some of the jobs.

    It has been observed that with a more participatory operational approach to the school library, the concept related to role of teacher-librarians becomes that of coordinator, collaborator, and coach. Teachers have proved to be members skilled in information education, including the learning materials, methods, and support system that sustain a disseminated version of school library. With time, this learning environment of the school becomes indistinguishable from the learning environment that is the school library.

    Regular funding is one of the major deterrents in sustainability of all school libraries. This is the most difficult aspect of transitioning the school library from a traditional type to a futuristic one. This transition is an integral part of all children’s education because it depends on the strength of our arguments for re-conceptualising not only the school library, but schooling itself.

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