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  • “The Man Who Thought Differently”

    Today’s generation consisting of kids, teens and even adults are highly influenced by the super human abilities. Most of the people are truly in love with the supers which mostly consist of the MARVEL UNIVERSE. This big franchise or family is loved, liked and followed by billions and all this is only possible due to one man, “The EXCELSIOR” the great STAN LEE.
    Stan Lee is the one behind this huge franchise; he is the first pillar of this monument. He is the one who messed up with his mind and started writing the marvel comics in 1940’s. The popular characters whom he brings forth are like Spiderman, Ant man, X-Men, Hulk etc. These heroes revolutionized the whole world regarding supers. This great man was the producer of the Marvel studios and he has his cameos in mostly all movies. He worked till the age of 95 and took his last breath on the night of 12th November, 2018.

    His work can never be forgotten and the love for him can never get lost. After dying too he is there with us in our hearts. Due to him many children believe in superheroes and try to be as good as them. The love of the fans for the Marvel Universe has grown to such an extent that each movie easily reaches a business of 100 billion dollars.

    Many great actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth are a part of his franchise and play the role of super heroes. After watching them children get inspired to be kind, creative, disciplined, innovative and patriotic. Finally I would like to conclude by saying that he was the man who thought different.

    By: Vishwas Saproo (XI-C)

    Khaitan Public School

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