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  • Fostering a Love for Learning

    Children will build up a hunger for learning if they are taught through fun and exciting activities. This eagerness and passion for learning will remain with them their entire lives! This is the curiosity that when nurtured, captured, and directed results in a love for learning. This is the primary role of a teacher – to capture curiosity and ignite the internal fires of learning.

    Quest to ask more

    The first step for educators to cultivate a love of learning is to invite questions, and then chase them. Chasing questions means following them to find the other questions that emerge from an initial question. We can say this to our children: “What else do you want to know? What else does that make you think of?”

    Invite kids into a new topic with a strong provocation that inspires curiosity. Provide opportunities to play with possibilities and investigate in a variety of ways. Help them make connections between different areas of learning. The more we encourage questions, the better.

    Trail their curiosity

    In order to become lifelong learners, students need opportunities to pursue their curiosities and interests. Designing such curriculum and units of study that align to standards and are responsive to student interests becomes pivotal.

    Find moments beyond four walls of school

    The moments to nurture a lifelong learner might be found at the dinner table, or when you’re driving your kid to school and you hear something on the radio. Those moments might be found when the student asks a question about the weather or the sounds coming from the radio box. Listen and look for such moments where you can kindle the fire of a child’s curiosity.

    Show that you are a learner too
    Share things you have learnt. Tell them about and personal life experiences. Invite their opinions on things you have read.

    Encourage creativity
    Give children opportunities to create the way they like. Let them draw, write a poem or create a cartoon. This enables them to broaden their horizons and put down their thoughts on paper.

    Play games
    Play brainstorming games. Make sure every game has a learning goal. Learning made fun is the best way to inculcate a love for learning.

    Responsible learners

    Encourage students to be responsible for their own learning. Tell them they are! Don’t take all the decisions. Encourage goal setting and reflection. Create a culture of thinking. Hand over control.

    The environment provided in Khaitan Public School gives children an entirely different perspective on the requirement of education. Grasping knowledge and applying them to their lives demonstrates the value of education to the young kids.

    The preschool setting helps them learn to become civil towards one another and they start to understand that the concept of respect is not just limited to people and belongings, but also to their surroundings.

    Ultimately, we want our children to love to learn. A passion for learning is fairly different from just studying to earn a grade or to please parents. Those who develop a love of learning at an early stage in life continue the process throughout their lives and are generally more successful and happier than those who don’t.

    Forster a love for learning in your child with Khaitan Public School, one of the leading educational institutions in the Ghaziabad. The KPS nursery school admissions 2019-20 Delhi/Ghaziabad are now open.



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