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  • Who Are You?

    “What’s your name” is not my question.  Who are you? Do you have an answer? Khaitan Public School
    When you look up to the life you want to lead, is it you who seek that image or yet another deluded lie that your mind fed you to believe? How do you decide which voice is yours, how do you decide which image is true? You speak of your dreams. You speak of your fantasies. Is any of that true or a false deception to your unclear reality?
    I’m not one to question your existence as I stand on your place as much as you do on mine.
    So “Who are you” is my question. Tell me again, Do you have an answer?
    My whole of reality surrounds this question but then how can I say I know myself when the world keeps shifting and I stand still? You say, you know me but How can you know who I am when you don’t even know your own truth.
    The world seems complicated but no more than we do. We spend our lives seeking its true meaning when the value of its existence resides in our own selves. You have within yourself different replicas of your own personality, so how will you decide which one is you? How would you comprehend the meaning you have within yourself when you don’t even know who are you?
    “Everything I ever believed in, is going to be changed” I used to say this line repeatedly without even knowing what it means until one day, it seemed clearer than before. You don’t believe in your lies, you don’t believe in the truth either, rather what you believe in constantly changes and with that, your idea of reality. When who am I keeps changing, how will i keep my truth intact?
    So tell me,
    Who are you? What defines you?
    Ask this to yourself.
    Who are you is not your name, what is that one thing without which even your name loses its value? That defines you!!
    Who am I?Ask this to yourself. When you question someone else’s identity,You don’t know their state of mind, you don’t know their truth, you don’t know their past or future. All you can decide is the perception of your own being.
    Look inside. Listen. When you sit in the complete haziness of your thoughts and emotions, do me a favour and look inside yourself. When you carve out your presumption of the life you will be living, you will see who you are.
    Until then, when someone asks you who you are, don’t reply by stating your name!!

    Isha Dahiya

    XI E

    Khaitan Public School

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