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  • Is IPL Promoting Sportsmanship in India ?

    IPL stands for the Indian Premier League that started in India on 18th April 2008  and was given a great boost by Mr. Lalit Modi. Since that period to where we stand today, we have seen remarkable changes in the cricket world. Everyone around the globe is aware that although cricket is not our National Game people from every nook and corner love to play it. There are many players, who gained name and fame through cricket but then, there are some like Kapil Dev and Sachin Tendulkar who made the sport famous there is one hot question Is IPL Promoting Sportsmanship in India? Let’s find Below:

    It is disappointing to see that in a country of 1.3 billion people, only fifteen can get the opportunity to represent their nation in Cricket. What about the other hard working and diligent players?

    IPL makes sure that if the player has potential and is playing well, he can earn everything through cricket whether it is name, fame, money or fan-following. The format of IPL is such that the youngsters of our country get highly encouraged because now they have the best coaches and even foreign players to play with, which will teach them numerous things. As a result, Indian team started to have players not just from the big cities but even from the poorest of the villages across its landscape. IPL has not only helped these young cricketers to make their career in cricket but has also lifted them from the financial troubles they faced every day.

    The young generation too gets inspired and encouraged even as their parents are ready to allow them to choose cricket as a career because now, they are assured that their children will be financially settled and will lead a harmonious and successful life.

    Thanks to the IPL, now people from various sectors have started getting employment. As the television rights are sold, businessmen to have started making money. In the end, I would vote for a yes because IPL promoting sportsmanship in every part of our country.

    Perfect blog by Sourish Mahajan – XI A

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