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  • Here’s the right way to balancing sports,academics Together

    Can you imagine the great Sachin Tendulkar leaving his passion for cricket to pursue higher education? Thank god he didn’t, we just can’t imagine cricket without Sachin. That said education is not merely restricted to classrooms, marks or lectures. It is much more than this. It is about building one’s character, personality and changing capabilities into abilities. Recognizing the same, Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on 31 st January 2018, launched the first of its kind PM Khelo Indian School Games (KSIG) programme in the national capital. Encouraging Indian youth to Balancing Sports, Academics Together and to prioritize it, he further reiterated that the government is committed to supporting kids at the grass-roots level.

    A research published in the International Journal of the History of Sport found that balancing sports, academics both
    stimulate students intellectually and relieve stress. But with the ongoing great Indian marks race, balancing sports and academics does become a daunting task but it is certainly doable. Sports deserve as much seriousness and importance as an academic subject. Most schools today have sports embedded in their curriculum but often schools do not encourage students much and parents add to the agony by not believing that sports can bring as much success as academics. Playing sports not only ensures a fit mind but also enhances focus.

    The following points should be implemented by schools to help students balancing Sports, Academics Together

    Guide them in planning: Guide the students to get a firm grip on their timetable and help them answer some key questions like: How many hours required to finish the work? Enough free time available to catch up on lost hours? Can you catch up on studies in case you are traveling?

    Engaging with students: Allow students to make mistakes and help them stay motivated throughout. Encourage and motivate them towards school and learning.

    Remember the benefits: Statistics show students who indulge in sports tends to perform better. Participation in sports activities, competitions can greatly boost self-confidence.

    Encourage students to use available resources: Extra credit assignments allow students to remain academically successful. They can then balance their time spent on the ground and in the classroom.

    The warning signs: There will be students who would find it difficult to balance both the acts even if there are willing to stretch themselves. As teachers and coaches, it is important to note any warning signals that may signal potential problems. With a right help and communication teachers can ensure students benefit from playing while maintaining a quality academic report.

    Sports have always been and will continue to be fun for kids and Balancing Sports, Academics Together is totally
    worth it. As the saying goes, “I can’t believe I did that” instead of “I wish I could have done that”.

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