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    What do you understand by fine arts education? Distraction, something that can degrade your academic performance or something that can defocus you from your academic goal? If that is what you think, you are like the majority of people who have this perception towards fine arts. But that’s not actually the contribution of Fine Arts in the field of education.

    Fine arts can be considered a weapon that can help you excel in your education if used in the right way. Science has proven that fine arts is one of the greatest ways of increasing the concentration power of a person. Whether he is a painter who paints on canvas, a singer who just sings his heart out or a dancer who just let goes every emotions out to the audience, fine arts is that magical form of art which can express every human emotion successfully. It not only helps in focusing or releasing emotions but also works as a cure to the mental disorders and even physical disorders.

    A thousand of examples have already been set where we see professors, doctors, engineers, lawyers, scientist etc being a master of fine arts education. One of the greatest scientists Albert Einstein was a great violin player, our former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was a terrific veena player, Shovana Narayan, an excellent dancer is a highly educated civil worker. Such great personalities  of this era have brought Fine Arts among the common and popular subjects to be studied. I just want to tell everyone that if your child wants to take fine arts as a subject feel free to allow him to follow his passion as they can be one of the other rising stars of the upcoming generation and if you barricade them you might regret.

    Ayushi Kumar

    XI B

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