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  • Emotional Intelligence Skill-Building and It’s Benefits

    The way your child understands, identifies and manage emotions can have an impact on everything from his relationships with classmates to his performance at school. Thus, emotional intelligence becomes an important stepping stone to success, both inside the classroom and beyond. Khaitan public school, Ghaziabad, one of the Top CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, explains to you the importance of emotional intelligence.

    What is emotional intelligence?

    Emotional ability is the ability to identify, evaluate, control, and express his emotions. A high level of emotional intelligence helps your child to use feelings to identify and solve challenges, communicate with others, and make decisions. It involves the following: –

    Emotional Literacy: To be able to recognize one’s own feeling and that of others.

    Managing emotions: Effective control of your emotions.

    Developing empathy: Understanding and sharing feeling of others.

    Intrinsic motivation: Pushing yourself to meet your goals.

    How to build emotional intelligence in your children?

    Identify your child’s emotions: You should talk to your child of how he/she is feeling and then help him or her name the emotion – anger, happiness, sadness or frustration.

    Listen to your child’s feelings:  Discuss about how different situations made your child feel. Talk to them about how they can help improve any negative situations.

    Empathize with your child: Let your child know that, you understand how he or she is feeling.  Tell them how their emotions effect you as well.

    Teach problem solving to them: Help your child reflect his emotions to identify what makes him feel a certain way and to find solutions to the challenges together.

    Benefits of emotional intelligence: –

    Stronger Interpersonal Relationships

    Emotional intelligence helps children to develop stronger interpersonal relationships by building empathy. Children who are able to see problems from another point of view tend to be adults who are flexible, kind and likeable.

    Better Problem-Solving Skills

    A high level of emotional intelligence will equip your child with the tools that they need to effectively work with other people and analyse a problem.

    Better ability to deal with stress

    Studies have shown that high emotional intelligence helps creates a buffer in high-stress environment.

    Higher life satisfaction

    Emotional intelligence helps your child to manage their emotions and deal with their problems successfully, make better decisions, and set achievable goals.

    As one of the top CBSE schools in Ghaziabad, Khaitan public school, Ghaziabad, emphasizes on developing emotional intelligence at school. There are special sessions by teachers and other academicians that train the students to be emotionally intelligent and lead better lives. Visit our website https://www.khaitanpublicschool.com/ to know more.

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