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    Reshaping today’s education system: Digital Marketing

    In a world that has come to be partially run by technology, life can come to a standstill with no access to gadgets and technical aid for the most mundane of our activities. From the currents news that we get to communication to keep a check on our health and our children, we have begun to have a strange sense of faith in anything and everything that is technologically built up for us, by us. This increased exposure to technology has had its effects on the culture of consumerism as well and advertising has witnessed a significant change during the last couple of years; giving rise to the much-in-demand concept of Digital Marketing.

    Simply put, Digital Marketing is advertising that’s delivered through digital channels such as mobile apps, search engines, websites and social media. It has secured a strong hold over the masses due to its accessibility. The currents generation has centred their life on social media and influencers have begun to attract attention towards their products via advertising on the Digital platform. The education sector is the latest to join the battalion and there has been an increase in schools promoting themselves digitally.

    The education sector has gone through a remodelling process in the recent years and schools have come up with the best of facilities to attract parents. We live in a time of bling and the starrier our lifestyle, the better. Schools, in order to keep up with the changing times, need to carve out a way in Digital Marketing. They can benefit from a number of reasons from it and listed below are some of the main purposes that can be filled by Digital Marketing:

    1. Schools can share their activities with a larger

    2. They can engage with parents on a more intimate level

    3. They can get involved in the trending discussions regarding education

    4. They can transfer traffic to their sites by uploading videos on social media handles

    5. Facebook advertisements can help them raise awareness about their school profile

    6. Increased traffic on their site can lead to enrollments and thus increase their overall revenue.

    Digital Marketing is the future of media and brands and everything that matters to the public. Schools, being one the most important foundations in a child’s development will benefit to a great extent with this new trend by reaching out to the parents with the best of facilities which will, in turn, cater to the children’s’ needs.

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