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  • Decoding a Teenager’s Developing Brain – A Parent’s Guide

    Why teenager’s Developing Brain is hard to understand!

    Decoding a teenager’s developing brain during growing years does not come with a manual.” As early as you understand this fact, understanding the teenage brain would seemingly become easier for you. According to a research done by US-based Harvard Medical School, the human brain circuitry does not mature until the early 20. So, if you very surprised with your teenage kid’s behavioural changes, you need not be and rather wait till he is 20.

    The Other Vital change

    During the teenage years, a child’s body goes through very evident physical changes but along with it, there are other vital changes taking place in the brain which cause pressure, stress and temptations.

    The Social factor

    This is a phase when our social anxiety has an exponential increase. Teenagers develop this abstract reasoning that makes them able to see themselves from the eyes of another.

    • Peer approval becomes the biggest reward.
    • They are ready to take any absurd amount of risks when other kids are around.
    • Looking “cool” becomes the most important thing.


    • Unable to meet the aforementioned expectations and peer pressure teens end up in stress. Self-harm is a way for them to cope up or express their overwhelming stress.
    • In the worst cases, it leads to suicidal thoughts.
    • Such cases are especially high when teens are bullied or mocked for their choices. Surrounding yourself with good friends becomes a challenge.

    How do you deal with it as a parent?

    Children developing brain in this phase of life need your support but, they might not accept your love or ask for help. Addressing their issues during this pivotal period in their lives is important to ensure a bright future for them.

    • Talk to Kids Early and Often: The earlier you open the lines of communication, the better your chances of keeping them open through the teen years. Share memories of your own adolescence and let them know you are there for them.
    • Understand their choice: You need to ask your 12-year-old why she wants to apply lipstick? Understanding their decision-making process and be liberal with choices that are not harmful for them.
    • Give your expectations a thought: Although children want to go against most of our expectation, they do realise, some of them are important such as good grades, acceptable behaviour, and sticking to the house rules.
    • Know the Warning Signs: There are few warning signs that tell that, something or the other is wrong with your kid and you need to act. These signs could be: –
    1. Sleep problems
    2. Extreme weight gain or loss
    3. Rapid, drastic changes in personality
    4. Sudden change in friends
    5. Skipping school often
    6. Falling grades
    • Respect your child’s privacy: Everything your kid does is not your business. During this adolescence period, your child needs some privacy and you should rightly grant them. You should only cross this line, when absolutely necessary such as you see any warning signs.

    While, it will never be enough whatever steps and changes you bring, some communication, precaution and independence will always be helpful in understanding your child’s developing brain.
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    Happy parenting!

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