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  • Cyber Safety

    Cybercrime is a global issue plaguing the world. The dictionary defines cybercrime as “crime conducted via the Internet or some other computer network”. The advantages of technology and the internet have led more criminals to use cyberspace to commit crimes. The threat of cybercrime is increasing as globalization continues to spread across the world. Children are addicted to applications – like facebook, whats-up, v-chat and many more to name few. Knowingly or unknowingly they share their personal information and details that mischievous person misused it and take advantage of it.

    Like some girls which share their status on social networking sites that feeling lonely as I am alone in the house, some mischievous person can take advantage of it.

    Financial frauds are the most common of the cybercrimes these days, people hack the personal account information of the client or sometimes some officials which are the custodian of the information pass it on to the criminals and the same information is used to withdraw the money from the account. Some common safeguards while using the Internet or any of the social media sites are that when we are using these social sites we should not share personal information such as passwords of our bank accounts or photographs etc. Internet should be used to simplify our day to day routine work and it should be kept that way only rather than making it the only option to rely on.

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