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  • Should C.B.S.E Schools in Delhi/NCR have happiness curriculum?

    It wouldn’t be erroneous to state that the basic role of education is to mould the mind and personality of students and help them attain a positive attitude towards life. But, what good is education if it is unable to pave the path towards a happy and tranquil life? The English medium schools in Ghaziabad and Delhi/NCR have gained immense popularity for instilling great theoretical knowledge among the students. However, with the increasing population and comparatively less number of good options at the higher level, students are facing dire competition that has taken a toll on them. Happiness curriculum today has become an imperative for schools.

    Students these days dedicate a sizeable amount of time on their academics and it is highly common for them to forget their own selves amidst the extensively pressurizing and competing for academic atmosphere. They face pressure and competition not only in the sphere of academics but also in other areas of their school life; they deal with bullies, peer pressure, mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Students often feel misunderstood and deal with self-esteem issues which lead to lack of communication and social skills due to which their thoughts and feelings are suppressed and they often end up leading a life full of isolation and distress.

    In such a demanding and nerve-racking environment, it is essential for schools to have happiness curriculum and to make changes in their curriculum and involve activities that would not only alter the outlook of students towards life but also boost their self-confidence and reaffirm their state of happiness. & Not a fun fact India is placed at a 133rd position in the World Happiness Index 2018. This is not merely a factual statement but a sad reality that Indians have forgotten their own being and have completely gone astray.

    Lack of contentment and joy in the lives of the youth of India reflects the grave condition faced by Indian students. Thus, many a time it becomes strenuous for students to remain jovial. The scrutinization of all the above factors indicates a dire need for the implementation of a happiness curriculum in Indian schools.

    The Happiness syllabus in schools should involve a variety of distinct factors.

    • The curriculum must be carefully constructed and examined, it must offer self-learning and group learning to students.

    • The physical environment should be warm, secure and friendly. Students should be able to confide in their teachers and find a support system in them.

    • A variety of fun-filled activities that aid the students in expressing their feelings and emotions is necessary so that students get in touch with their own selves and enjoy the process.

    • It is important that the medium, that is, the faculty members or the teachers generate and encompass a feeling of “homeliness” amongst students and provide them with ample support and understanding.

    In today’s fast-paced, hectic and restless world it is necessary to have a happiness curriculum and that we inculcate positive feelings amongst our children and youth, for they are the future of our country. And, our future should look luminous and joyous just like our children.

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