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Category Archives: The WordSmiths @ Khaitan

  • Why The Donald Trump Effect Took Place

    Why The Donald Trump Effect Took Place...

    As the race for the United States President is in final phases, anyone who has even just briefly taken a look at the proceedings is wondering the exact same thing - Why did the USA, one of the foremost nations of the world in almost all spheres, elect Donald Trump as the Republican candidate in its [...]

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  • ‘Why didn’t you let me live?’ | By Ayushi Chaudhary

    ‘Why didn’t you let me live?̵...

    I was just a girl, Who came in this world with closed eyes. Thinking of a bright future. But then why you didn’t let me live? Is it my mistake that I was a girl? Then, how could you be so cruel? That you didn’t even care for my mother’s tears, Who was just begging …

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  • Poem: ‘Silence’ | By Rupal Handoo

    Poem: ‘Silence’ | By Rupal Handoo...

    A beautiful poem written by Rupal Handoo, class XII student at Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad. She naturally dives into the depths of her mind and majestically writes about the predicaments of those who keep their secrets from the poet. She, as a poet, ends the poem by in-explicitly threatening th[...]

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  • Hackers – The misunderstood race | The Technocratie

    Hackers – The misunderstood race | The ...

    Hackers - The word evokes an imagery of a hooded, shady figure sitting on a computer, furiously tapping the keys on the keyboard in an effort to bring an entire organisation down to its knees. But is it true anymore? How many types of hackers are there? Read my post to know more! [...]

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  • Poetry: The Real but Fake World

    Poetry: The Real but Fake World...

    The poem is written by Ms. Rupal Handoo who studies Science in Class XII at Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad. The poem is about the real world, and the apparent fakeness associated with it. She writes her own experience with the real but fake world, and how she now considers herself mature after enc[...]

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