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  • Visiting the Untouched parts of Garhwal; Travelogue about My Village

    Visiting the Untouched parts of Garhwal; Trav...

    17 October was a very cool morning. It was still dark at 4:30 am, when I woke up to get ready for a 3 day visit to my mum’s village and my cousins in Pauri, Garhwal, Uttarakhand. For those who don’t know much about Garwhal, allow me to enlighten you with a little information about …

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  • Filmmaking: A Growing Career Opportunity

    Filmmaking: A Growing Career Opportunity...

    In today’s world, everyone is searching for a career that has great opportunity, self-satisfaction, good amount of salary etc. There are many career options; some are old traditional careers like engineers, doctors and some creative careers like fashion designing, photography etc. and one such Gro[...]

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  • Education Redefined: Where Learners become ‘Leaders’

    Education Redefined: Where Learners become ...

    There is one unanimous agreement about the main purpose of a school i.e. to act as an institution of learning. Thus, every school is trying to provide the best environment for learning. But, what is that one thing that gives an edge to a school over the other? The answer is leadership quality in the[...]

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  • Correct Road Taken | Story | Nandini Sharma IX E

    Correct Road Taken | Story | Nandini Sharma I...

    This is a story of a boy, named Rahul who belongs to a very poor family. He has two younger brothers and his parents in his family. The family financial condition is not so good, even though his father took loan from others and made their son complete their high school. And as a result …

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  • The Captian of Indian Basketball Team with broken leg

    The Captian of Indian Basketball Team with br...

    The Captian of Indian Basketball Team with a broken leg: I was 5 and half when I suddenly fell down while playing with my cousins that was the second time i fell down in the week and this time the pain in my leg was unbearable i cried in pain. One of my elder brother … (0) Comment

  • शिक्षक बनना उतना आसान नहीं, जितना आम तौर पर समझा जाता है

    शिक्षक बनना उतना ...

    एक स्कूली बच्चे के जीवन में शिक्षक एक ऐसा प्रमुख इंसान होता है जो अपने ज्ञान, धैर्य, प्यार और देख-भाल से उसके पूरे जी[...]

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  • Gender Division: WHY HER?

    Gender Division: WHY HER?...

    Gender Division: A Biological division or a social difference? Gender Division: The world is moving fast but the movement in this ‘fast’ world is not so ‘fast’ for a woman. Admittedly, today the time has somewhat changed, we educate our girls, we provide for them and the crue[...]

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  • Is IPL Promoting Sportsmanship in India ?

    Is IPL Promoting Sportsmanship in India ?...

    IPL stands for the Indian Premier League that started in India on 18th April 2008  and was given a great boost by Mr. Lalit Modi. Since that period to where we stand today, we have seen remarkable changes in the cricket world. Everyone around the globe is aware that although cricket is not our Nati[...]

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  • Poetry Express – ANUSHKA GULATI

    Poetry Express – ANUSHKA GULATI...

    Poetry Express, with its knack for enunciating feelings and emotions, is purely suited to help students express the insights they gain into themselves and others. These poems by Anushka Gulati, Grade – XII-D | KPS inspire creativity and wisdom instead of yawns: Mistakes are part of LIFE Mistak[...]

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  • Let’s Ensure a Child Labour Free Society

    Let’s Ensure a Child Labour Free Society...

    Child labour bereaves children the right to an innocent childhood. Let’s do our bit to stop it by making informed decisions and spreading awareness. Not every child in India is lucky to enjoy his/her childhood. A lot of children are often forced to work under in human conditions where their m[...]

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  • Cyber Security Awareness for Children

    Cyber Security Awareness for Children...

    Cyber Security Awareness for school students: Cybercrime is referred as “crime” conducted via the Internet or some other computer network” in the dictionary. The very advantages of technology and the internet have prompted more criminal minds to use cyberspace to commit crimes. The threat [...]

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  • The Animal Story through the Eyes of an Animal

    The Animal Story through the Eyes of an Anima...

    Hello!! You might recognize me as that leather belt you long for, or the chicken nuggets you visit KFC for, maybe the designer leather jacket you browsed the internet for, or the woolen sweaters keeping you from the cold. Well, today I speak in the form in which I was supposed to exist on Earth. &he[...]

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