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  • Tips for creating a successful school routine

    Tips for creating a successful school routine...

    For most students who are not quite organized, school means rush hour mornings, sleepy classes, and last minute late night homework’s. If you’re lucky, you occasionally squeeze in a healthy meal. To top these things, nowadays tuition and activity classes are always queued up, occupying most of t[...]

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  • The fine line Between Peer Pressure and Peer Motivation

    The fine line Between Peer Pressure and Peer ...

    The fine line Between Peer Pressure and Peer Motivation Consider two situations: When you have to submit an assignment and are nearing the deadline, there are friends who would push you to set targets and submit the project on time. In the same situation, there would be another group of friends who [...]

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    What do you understand by fine arts education? Distraction, something that can degrade your academic performance or something that can defocus you from your academic goal? If that is what you think, you are like the majority of people who have this perception towards fine arts. But that’s not actu[...]

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  • Who Are You?

    Who Are You?...

    “What’s your name” is not my question.  Who are you? Do you have an answer? Khaitan Public School When you look up to the life you want to lead, is it you who seek that image or yet another deluded lie that your mind fed you to believe? How do you decide which voice is … (0) Comment

  • Every Child has the Right to Quality Education

    Every Child has the Right to Quality Educatio...

    Not all children in India get quality education and are lucky to enjoy their childhood in the right manner. Many of them are forced to work under in human condition where their miseries know no end. Though there are laws banning child labour, still children continue to be exploited as cheap labour. [...]

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  • “The Man Who Thought Differently”

    “The Man Who Thought Differently”...

    Today’s generation consisting of kids, teens and even adults are highly influenced by the super human abilities. Most of the people are truly in love with the supers which mostly consist of the MARVEL UNIVERSE. This big franchise or family is loved, liked and followed by billions and all this is o[...]

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    Dangerous Plastic: The Danger to Behold By Yashvardhan Singh XI-C Khaitan Public School Humans have lived on the planet earth for many years now. It had all started from the Neanderthals and has led to the current form of humans in this modern era. We have developed this entire world of ours to suit[...]

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    THE APPREHENSION OF RELIGIOUS BELIEFS  PRAGATI RAJ ASTHANA(XI-C) Sunday evenings are generally uneventful. Everybody is so intrigued in the Monday jim-jams, that all four of us barely manage to have the evening snack together. Papa-Mumma were having tea with the Navratan – mixture, while I an[...]

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  • Leadership Qualities: That defines a good leader

    Leadership Qualities: That defines a good lea...

    The great leader Nelson Mandela said, “it is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things happen. But you take the front line when there is danger then, people will appreciate your Leadership Qualities. Leadership quality is both a r[...]

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  • Student Mental Health

    Student Mental Health...

    Student Mental Health: An Important aspect of student success.  In this new world, which is filled with sickness we never talk about one aspect of sickness- mental sickness. Being mentally healthy is very important, and having a good mental health ensures a successful and positive life. Everything [...]

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  • Visiting the Untouched parts of Garhwal; Travelogue about My Village

    Visiting the Untouched parts of Garhwal; Trav...

    17 October was a very cool morning. It was still dark at 4:30 am, when I woke up to get ready for a 3 day visit to my mum’s village and my cousins in Pauri, Garhwal, Uttarakhand. For those who don’t know much about Garwhal, allow me to enlighten you with a little information about …

  • Filmmaking: A Growing Career Opportunity

    Filmmaking: A Growing Career Opportunity...

    In today’s world, everyone is searching for a career that has great opportunity, self-satisfaction, good amount of salary etc. There are many career options; some are old traditional careers like engineers, doctors and some creative careers like fashion designing, photography etc. and one such Gro[...]

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