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Category Archives: Khaitan Samachar

  • Emotional intelligence, and Why You Should Care about It

    Emotional intelligence, and Why You Should Ca...

    Yes, you heard it right, there is such a thing called emotional intelligence and just as you might have guessed from the word, it has nothing to do with math or science or overrated IQ tests. So let me start with what it is. The capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, &he[...]

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  • Self Improvement

    Self Improvement...

    Everything that happens to us in life, happens with purpose. Sometimes, one thing leads to another. Instead of locking yourself in the cage of fear, embarrassment and failures, treat them as the stepping stones to success, use them as tools for self-improvement and gaining success. Stop thinking and[...]

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  • Are Indian Women Safe?

    Are Indian Women Safe?...

     We the citizens of India are living in 21st Century & are trying to compete with other countries but what is the use of making such effort if each one of us still has to ask ourselves weather the women in the country are safe of not ? It is a female who only helps … (0) Comment

  • What You Don’t Know About Feminism

    What You Don’t Know About Feminism...

    Okay, again the same clichéd topic of women empowerment, their rights, advocacy of feminism and all the same repeated stuff. Was that your immediate thought after reading the title? If yes, then congrats! You’ve been effectively brainwashed about Feminism pretty thoroughly. So what is feminism al[...]

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  • A Fresher’s Guide To Survive College

    A Fresher’s Guide To Survive College...

    Aren’t all of us excited to graduate from school and enter college? Trust me even I was. I used to day dream about things I’d do once I entered college. Ah! those wonderful days. Now when I have graduated from school and got admission into my dream college, I suddenly feel like I have a …[...]

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  • Importance Of Music In Life

    Importance Of Music In Life...

    “Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.” Music is the art of expressing ideas and emotions in significant sound forms. If we look at the nature aesthetically we will find music in every aspect of it whether it is rain, wind or chirping of birds. Music affects our emoti[...]

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  • Cyber Safety

    Cyber Safety...

    Cybercrime is a global issue plaguing the world. The dictionary defines cybercrime as “crime conducted via the Internet or some other computer network”. The advantages of technology and the internet have led more criminals to use cyberspace to commit crimes. The threat of cybercrime is increasin[...]

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  • PUBG: The Game Changer

    PUBG: The Game Changer...

    PUBG has become a rave among students and adults alike. It is an addictive game which allows you to kill people in a virtual world, leaving you satiated. It gives you a momentary sense of victory at having conquered the world. It is a bad influence and it leads to wastage of time. These are …[...]

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  • Road Accidents in India

    Road Accidents in India...

    This blog is about Road Accidents happening in INDIA which seems to be uncountable in numbers causing a huge loss to their families, emotions and increasing the death rates that are unfortunate to all. The purpose of this blog is to make the public aware of their doing and about consequences faced a[...]

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  • A Perspective on Truth

    A Perspective on Truth...

    The truth is good. It is also bitter. That we share a love-hate relationship with it is commonplace. Let us look at an illustration of the same from the Mahabharata. In their last year of exile, the Pandavas are forced to go incognito. They seek refuge in the kingdom of Matsya. When the armies of &h[...]

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  • Smart Study – Effective Learning Techniques

    Smart Study – Effective Learning Techni...

    Too often people imagine that long hours of studying are the best path to being a model, straight-A student. Yet research shows that highly successful students actually spend less time studying than their peers do—they just study more effectively. Teachers can help all students learn to more ef[...]

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  • Technology in education

    Technology in education...

      THE NEED OF THE HOUR The world seems to be moving in a direction where everyone wants to pursue things at their own pace and space. The importance of respecting each other’s space is slowly sinking in and organizations seem to be moving and reordering themselves accordingly as well. The onl[...]

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