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  • Careers in Humanities: think beyond Science and Commerce

    Careers in Humanities

    Students of this generation have to go under tremendous pressure in order to choose the right career. Competition has been increasing rapidly and it has come to a point where parents start preparing their children for competitive exams during middle school itself. This takes a toll on the children’s mind and they find themselves trapped within their own surroundings.

    A child’s mind is a think pot. It’s full of imagination, it’s full of dreams and aspirations and sometimes, these dreams and aspirations may not get in sync with what we have planned for our child. What we must understand is that for a student to become independent and confident, he/she needs a thorough support and faith from his/her loved ones.

    India today is bustling with opportunities in fields that go beyond the regular and “safe” fields of Science and Commerce. While Science and Commerce have their own importance, we must not demean other streams. Increasing numbers of students are taking a brave step and opting for Humanities or Arts in their school, a lot of them going against the wishes of their parents and teachers. Instead of stopping them or telling them what may go wrong, because things can go wrong in any stream, in any job, we need to polish our own knowledge first and must understand what these subjects offer and how they can lead to equally flourishing careers like in science and commerce.

    Students who take up Humanities study subjects like History, Sociology, Fine Arts, Literature, painting, sculpture, dance, music, etc. These subjects provide a mental stimulus that your child needs for holistic growth. Every child’s mind is a mystery and instead of closing it down, we must find out the mysteries ourselves and help the child pursue what will actually make him/her a happy and confident person at the end of the day. Taking up Humanities can be extremely beneficial career wise today as there is a huge demand for artists and creative individuals in various fields. Big brands are in constant need of Content Writers, Designers, Psychologists, CSR Managers, Movie Makers, etc. Social Science students are also in great demand across various organizations for social welfare, community upliftment, CSR, etc. These brands understand the importance of skills and reward them with handsome salaries, thereby, making these jobs “safe” as per the parents’ concern and give the students a platform to do the things that they love.

    Supporting your child in taking up a subject that he/she genuinely likes is a major step in empowering them to create art and giving them the opportunity to prove their credibility.  

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