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  • Cambridge Assessment International Education How can it help your child?

    KPS is now a Cambridge Assessment International Education CIE Certified School

    A Cambridge education prepares students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a life-long passion for learning. Discover an education that gives students the skills they need for life, helping them achieve at school, university and work. Cambridge students are widely accepted in top study destinations worldwide, such as the US, UK and Australia, as well as in many other countries.

    Preparing your child for a global ambition, here are 10 important benefits associated with Cambridge Assessment International Education:

    1. Over 1400 universities worldwide recognize Cambridge qualifications.
    2. CIE focuses on critical thinking skills
    3. An inbuilt global perspective missing in our national curriculum.
    4. Tailored to a global student body of rich diversity.
    5. Provides a diverse curriculum catering to 21st-century learning.
    6. A flexible system of assessment with a diagnostic report of a child’s performance.
    7. National board focuses on what to teach whereas Cambridge Assessment International Education CIE focuses on how to learn.
    8. Children take complete ownership of their learning hence emerging as lifelong leaders.
    9. It’s not one size fits all. Offers the widest spectrum of choice between core curriculums.
    10. Highest standards of credibility of assessments, consisting of a variety of tests project based learning.

    Thus, it not only sets a global standard for education, but it is also recognised by International universities and employers world over. At KPS, our curriculum is challenging, flexible, and inspiring. KPS’ educational framework is based on one foundational principle: the importance of imparting a rounded education to students. This dynamic, holistic approach is interwoven throughout everything we do at KPS.

    Khaitan Public School is one of the leading C.B.S.E schools in Delhi/NCR region. Offering quality education, Khaitan Public School provides a vibrant campus community to more than 2800 students by blending multidisciplinary education with a global reputation for academic excellence, and a top notch faculty for arts, culture and sports.

    Maintaining a healthy student-teacher ratio of 15:1, KPS boasts of a dedicated teacher commitment and individual attention of all students.

    Lear more about life at Khaitan at: www.khaitanpublicschool.com

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