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  • Building Blocks: The foundation for a Bright Future

    Building Blocks: The foundation for a Bright Future

    Ever seen little kids feel greatly accomplished as they see their block tower get higher and higher? They have to be precise and concentrate to get to that level. Then, when the tower tips over, they laugh and do it all over again. These blocks, very accurately teach the most important life lessons. They lay the foundation of a bright future.

    Each new word, experience and person can mould a kid into the person he/she will grow up to be. This is because greater and lasting impressions are made during early childhood days.

    What you sow, so shall you reap. Strong roots make a morally and ethically strong character. They believe that the infant mind is the most curious to learn from the surroundings and its environment. It attempts to search whatever it observes under the sun.

    No wonder, the best home for children is education. Studies reveal the importance of early childhood education as it can influence the mental, physical and emotional development of a child. A human being is not maximizing his/her true potential until he is educated. If humanity is to stand tall and successful, everyone must first be educated.

    Nursery education helps in broadening of a child’s imagination, creativity, vocabulary and general knowledge. Creativity is the key aspect of development. He is to discover the world and thus he tries to create ways to make his dreams come true.

    Humans are social beings. With pre-school education, in a safe environment away from family, children meet other people of their age, sowing the seeds of ‘socialization’ and ‘friendship’. This helps to develop self-confidence by eliminating their shy nature.

    The involvement in preschool activities demands higher levels of concentration from a child. The recurring occurrence of the activities helps them to improve their concentration skills.

    Professionally crafted activities in preschool enhance the brain development in children. Various activities involving analyzing and reasoning help them to develop their skills.

    Lay the foundation for your child’s bright future with Khaitan Public School, one of the leading educational institutions in the Ghaziabad region. The school’s trained faculties and coaches along with effective management make sure that every child is given attention to become excellent citizen of the country. The KPS nursery school admissions 2019-20 Delhi/Ghaziabad are open.


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