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  • A Fresher’s Guide To Survive College

    Aren’t all of us excited to graduate from school and enter college? Trust me even I was. I used to day dream about things I’d do once I entered college. Ah! those wonderful days. Now when I have graduated from school and got admission into my dream college, I suddenly feel like I have a huge bag of responsibilities on my shoulder. College is definitely fun, but school is super fun.

    I had amazing 8 years at Khaitan. I met the best bunch of misfits I call my best friends and amazing teachers who were there for you to uplift you. Fortunately, I had the best team mates I could ever ask for a second family to me, we were there for each other in happiness and sorrows. Anyways here’s a list of things that might happen with you once you enter college (Sorry for the spoilers)

    1) First day, excitement much? Wait for the professor to give you a boring lecture on how strict the college is when it comes to attendance

    2) College canteen will be your replacement of lunch boxes and your mother will literally hate this idea. (Mine definitely does )

    3) You’ll suddenly feel attached to the first person you meet in college somehow; you might feel that this person here is going to be my best friend very soon (Hold on buddy! Not so soon you need to understand people before letting your inner self come out)

    4) People will judge you, well this is college, you can judge them back even if you don’t know them

    5) You might enter into a wrong class on the first day (I did that. I entered into the wrong class
    twice it’s okay for this no one is judging you)

    6) Never, I repeat never to give your name for CR (class representative) Teachers will call you even when you’re sleeping.

    7) Societies are amazing in every college, do try to be a part of one

    8) My favourite, College elections !! when seniors beg in front of you to vote for them trust me this is the time you can make them do anything for you literally anything. The quote “live our life king size” is meant for this situation. You can live like a king/queen during this time.

    9) If you’re a sports athlete, you are the boss. My dear friend! no offence to others but this is the reality. Nobody tries to mess up with a student from sports quota but coming daily to practice is a tough job. Wake up early in the morning around 5 and get ready to run.

    10) College freshers is the most excited event for a fresher and why won’t it be. You can dress like cartoons and people won’t mind it because everyone would be so busy getting their pictures clicked, everyone becomes an Instagram model that day (I looked like one I guess so)

    11) Bunking lectures will become a habit, you’ll be addicted to it. It’s fun I know but try to control your obsession of bunking classes. The professors might not like it. They might deduct your internal grades for that.

    12) Travel as much as you want, explore new places make several new friends but remember not to leave the ones you have spend you school years with. College might seem so much fun to you now, but you’ll miss school once you’re in college Rest I will be telling you guys about college soon.

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