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  • A Day at a Bibox (Brain in the box) Class at Khaitan Public School

    Khaitan Samacharby Ankit Rawaton Jun 29, 2016

    It was 8th February, Monday and the day had just began for me, but kids had already had their 15 min brunch before 10 AM in the morning. I reached class IV ‘E’ at 10:05 AM, exactly at the time of their third Bibox class, knocked on the door, and was about to take permission of the Bibox instructor to sit with the students for the on-going period, but a chorus of “Good morning, sire!” sounded to my ears and I immediately asked all the students to take their seat, typically unhabitual of going to classes and getting huge respect by students.

    I took the last seat, and proudly became a back bencher. Oh, don’t worry, sometimes backbenchers are the sharpest students in class. *wink

    The class began with the attendance and shuffling of students as per their new Bibox groups.

    So, the first thing Bibox instructors do is divide the students in groups in their first class, and these groups remain the same for the entire year.

    After a small interactive revision of the last class, the instructor asked a peculiar question to the standard IV kids. He asked, “How many of you know how to drive a car?”. Oh, you won’t believe it but each and every student had their hands raised in the air, and a big smile on their face.

    The instructor and I heartily laughed, and then he said,”Oh, you mean you have seen your parents and elders driving the car. Right?” Everybody said yes in chorus.

    He went ahead with the flow and asked many more interesting questions to the kids. Can a car a reversed? If yes, then how? How many gears are there in a car? And then one important question, “How to prevent accidents in case of reversing a car?” The question received many creative answers from different students, almost all of them participating in the interactive and interesting discussion.

    Someone said, we should use mirrors, someone said we should put cameras at the back of the car, and then one student said we should use sensors. That was it! That student had won the game.

    Came the next question, flying in the air, “What is a sensor?”. A kid excellently explained, a sensor can sense objects or things as per the name of the sensor.

    Next question, “Which sensor should we use to stop a car before it collides with the pillar or wall on its back side while reversing it to park?”

    Someone said, skin sensor, another voice echoed light sensor, but since nobody could come up with the right answer, the instructor finally told them, “We need a distance sensor. It will stop the car whenever it detects any object within a fixed distance.” Everyone listened carefully, except a few naughty minds, of course!

    The instructor then distributed Bibox books to the students who were absent in the last class and asked everyone to open their books. He also told everyone about the stamps he will be giving to the best performing students at the end of each class, and the reward to the one student at the end of all classes with maximum stamps on the notebook.

    He asked everyone to write the name of the first project they will be working on, in their respective notebooks, named, “Safe Parking” using a pencil and then asked everyone about the day today. Many shouted Monday, some said “Chocolate Day” (Oh, it was Chocolate Day on 8th!) and in the end, one student said, “Design Day!”. Yes, it was their first design day at the Bibox class and as the name suggests, they had to design the outlook of their accident proof car.

    Are you still wondering, what is Bibox? Well, click here to know everything about it.

    Everybody opened the graph paper on the first sheet of the Bibox book, and started drawing the graph, following the instructor as he was drawing it on the whiteboard with precise centimetric measurements. The instructor also provided big measuring scales to those who didn’t carry them from home.

    It took next 15 minutes for everyone to be able to draw exact copy of figure, the instructor had drawn on the whiteboard. Then, another fifteen minutes for everyone to draw the same graph on a colored sheet of paper, provided by the Bibox team. Oh, I forgot to tell you that there were two Bibox instructors in the class!

    Both the instructors and I, helped the students struggling with their figures on the colored sheet.

    Soon, all the students had their designs finished on coloured sheets of paper and first stage of developing an automated car that can never involve in an accident was done.

    After a discussion with instructors, I got to know that Bibox instructors takes two orientation classes, two design classes, and two automation classes for one project. After the last automation class, their project such as an automated car with distance sensor, is ready for use!

    At the end of the session, Bibox organizes an event called ‘Innodome’ where all students exhibit their projects to all teachers, students, and Education Director of the school. Here is a video of Innodome 2016 celebrated at Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad:

    All the programming, or you can say smart programming, is done by students on Bisoft mobile application. Tablets and highly educating Robotics Kits are provided to groups by Bibox team and they are taught how to use the app to automate the object ( A car in this case). Bisoft is a highly advanced easy-to-use mobile application which teaches the logic of heavy code-driven programming to young students of class IV and V. You can watch a video of “Project Demonstrations at Khaitan Public School” here. 

    Finally, I can definitely say that Bibox is one way we are preparing our students to become the leaders of tomorrow, well equipped with the knowledge of latest technology of 21st century.

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