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  • Top 10 Study Tips to avoid Distraction and Stay Focused while Studying

    Does the above-mentioned headline sound familiar to you? We’re sure it does! It has happened to you before, it has happened to us and we’re sure most of the students have experienced this every now and then. But there’s always a solution, there are simple study tips to avoid distraction and stay focused while studying. Staying focused is one the most critical factor in your success or failure.

    Win the war against distractions.

    Here are 10 easy and doable study tips to avoid distraction and stay focused while studying:

    Look within: Every now and then have a fact check, assess what’s going on. Distractions can be internal as well as external. If you think you’re all over the place, it is important to know the source and work on it. Always
    set your priorities right and know what you are going to work on in your life.

    Know the cause: Once you’ve set your priorities rights, look at external sources affecting your studies. Do you feel burnout? Is the lack of skill, idea or time? Once you’ve assessed the cause, you will be able to fix the effect.

    Always be prepared: All high achieving students are great planners. They make lists of to-do tasks and short-term objectives. Prepare timelines and write down every step you need to accomplish your tasks. As they say, “every 10 minutes you spend planning saves an hour in execution”.

    Go Offline: One of the biggest sources of distraction today is social media and smartphones. Manage your time well and take yourself offline till you accomplish your priorities.

    Give yourself a break: When you feel exhausted, you know it’s time to take a break. Music and sports can help you concentrate and boost up your energy levels.

    Music: One of the best ways to unwind is to tune in to music. Music can work is great ways to uplift your spirits.

    Break the tasks down: Break down your large tasks into smaller tasks to help you concentrate and give you a sense of achievement and progress.

    Set deadlines: Set deadlines to ensure smooth task flow. Once you’re in the flow it is easy stay focused and accomplish your goals.

    Clean up your study area: In case your study area is cluttered, dirty or disorganized, it’s time to clean up the mess so you can focus better.

    Early to bed early to rise: A simple but a very rewarding task. Start your day early and organize your day to better optimize it.

    All the distractions that surround you aren’t going anywhere, so overcoming them is one of the most important gifts you can gift yourself. Give some these study tips a try and let us know if you’re feeling more productive and less distracted.

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