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  • 10 Steps to Picking the Right College after Board Exams

    Right College search does not have to end with the Top 10 colleges.

    While getting into IIT’s, MIT, University of Delhi and so on and so forth can be quite appealing. Still, it can’t be the end of the road for you. There are many colleges you can look into that may be very popular or not so popular. Choosing the right college after 12th can be a very stressful decision if made to believe so. On the other hand, it can be made into a holistic affair with your family when done correctly. Here are some helpful steps while choosing a college.

    1. Choose a major before picking a right college: There are only a handful of students who know for a fact which major to choose. Selecting a major can be demanding for some. Most students change their major 2 or 3 times before they determine the major. So, firstly Do you want to be trained for a specific line of work or do you want a more general liberal arts education? What are the probable career options? It is imperative to answer all the above questions. Still indecisive, talk to a career counsellor.  They can help you in deciding your interest.

    2. Make a list of possible colleges and universities: Start with a list of colleges that interest you. Looking into college-related websites and forums will be resourceful. Make a list of each college with their admission requirements. Many colleges have entrance exams so making a date sheet of the entrance and applying for the entrance is vital. Getting a recommendation from friend and family will also be helpful.

    3. Consider the cost: Cost is a big deal for many. College cost varies tremendously from one college to another. Financing for your college can be an issue for many students. The fact is if you do your research well, ask for advice and help. Finding affordable options will not be tough.

    4. Finding a college best fit for you: We option consider choosing a college where our friends are going. But the truth is that you must find a college that is fit for you. Overall development and social environment of a college are important. You will be spending 3, 4 to 5 years in the same college, be sure of your choice.

    5. Visit the campus and talk to the college students: All colleges have a website, brochures and booklets. They are merely a start! Before you decide on a college, go to the campus, talk to real people. Try to attend a right college fair to get over-all vide of the campus.

    6. Get familiar with the place you will be living in:  When you have narrowed down to a handful of college. It is important to consider your living situation. Think of yourself as a person and not a student. You want to feel relaxed when you come back home. Here is some major question: will you be living on-campus or off-campus? If off-campus, what is the easiest way to commute? Can you live in a dorm room? Can you live with strangers? All these are the crucial questions you must ask yourself for your own mental peace.

    7. There is no shame in taking a year off:  It is not necessary to go to college just after your boards is over. Choosing to take a year off can actually be beneficial for many provided you be doing something that will improve your chances to get a good college. Trying an internship in a field that interest you, travel or preparing for some demanding entrance can be one of the few things one can do. Be sure that when you apply for college, admission department will surely ask you about your year off. So make it worthwhile.

    8. Don’t take rejection to heart: Don’t get hurt if you get rejected, even if it was your dream college. There is always another option, so go for the next. Don’t get hung up on the one and lose out the opportunities to apply in another. There is absolutely no reason to take a rejection personally.

    9. Compromise: As the deadline gets closer, it may cause a havoc between parents and students. It is important to communicate and find a best suitable option for you. It is important for students to listen to their parents, while the ultimate choice is always yours.

    10. Don’t Delay: Forms for right college entrance will be available soon. Usually, by May 1st week, colleges put out their admission forms. So start early, spend the next few weeks doing vigorous research and be prepared.

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