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  • 10 Productive things to do during the School Summer Holidays

    Things you should could and most likely want to do over your School Summer holidays break.

    Board exams are over. School’s out and students across India are eagerly waiting for summer vacations. Now, what am I going to do with all this free time? A question millions of students around India think to themselves, of course, there are sports, games, movies to drool over to and friends to hang out with. But then there’s a numerous number of productive things to do during the summer holidays. This time around at KPS we have come up 10 Productive things to do during the school summer holidays.

    1. Catch-up on the semester gone by – 
    You can use your work pad and answer these pertinent questions:

      • Things I did well in the past semester?
      • Things I missed out on in the past semester?
      • Things I will do differently in the coming semester.

    2. Set goals for the forthcoming semester –

    Set short-term achievable goals for the upcoming semester instead of performance goals as short-term goals are more effective.

    3. Education through YouTube –

    Search for some good educational videos or log into your favourite YouTube channel.

    4. Try and watch documentaries –

    Learn from people’s life, and try to inculcate good habits that will lead you to a successful life ahead.

    5. Learn a new language –

    Get your hands on a new language and make sure you do it with full conviction rather than doing it just for the sake.

    6. Start building a new habit –

    Most students have skills and desires for things they always wanted to learn. Spend quality time browsing classes or hobbies you can take and figure out where you can adapt them according to your schedule.

    7. Get exercise in –

    Summer holidays are the best time to keep a consistent workout routine, even just a little bit every now and then can be fun and easy.

    8. Rejuvenate and reconnect with old friends and family –

    Summer holidays are the best time to relive old memories and reconnect with old friends.

    9. Embark on a family trip –

    Family trips are the best way to cover the lost time due to daily hectic schedules.

    10. Explore new cuisines –

    Stop caring about fats and kilos as vacations are a great time to flush our caution and try out different cuisines as you like.

    So avoid being over-whelmed, follow our plan and you will have a productive, meaningful and fun-filled school holidays. Subscribe to our newsletter and reach out to us at admin@khaitanpublicschool.com

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