Best Cambridge Assessment International Education School in Delhi NCR

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The right kind of schooling lays a solid foundation for kids and that is why it is very important to allow your kids to study at a place that values creativity, has a global outlook, is tech savvy, has a fearless & risk-taking mind, and respects time and integrity. All these are valued and practiced at Khaitan Public School that is considered as one of the top 10 schools in Ghaziabad.

The modern education system welcomes you and your kids at a place where not just education is valued but character development is provided equal importance. The reason that KPS is among the top schools is, it has fulfilled its commitment to provide a global infrastructure and updated faculty. When people talk about the best Cambridge Assessment International School, KPS’s name comes on top. This is because the faculty members here are trained by the best in India and abroad. At KPS, students are taught to become self-dependent, productive, and risk-takers, so they can win over any kind of challenges life may throw at them.

We encourage a culture of learning and thinking and work in synergy with parents to build a nation of flourishing minds. We believe that a child can only grow up to be a better human being if he or she has a strong moral ground and principles such as integrity, honesty and hard work taught to them at a younger age. All the members of management work towards one single goal to empower children, help them discover a leader in them, and bring Humanitarian changes in the world.

So come be a part of a leading global schooling system that is committed to bring real and valuable changes in the lives of every student.

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