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Commerce at Khaitan

Commerce is one of the most sought after streams of higher education in the modern world. We at Khaitan Public School, prepare our kids for the best they can achieve as commerce students in various traits that commerce opens to them. Whether preparing a student as the future entrepreneur of the country leading multinational companies, or nurturing them for the challenging path of becoming a Chartered Accountant, our noted faculty members take care of everything! They not only teach them about the economy of the country but also different kinds of businesses, how to find them, and operate them for prosperity of all. There are three main subjects in Commerce that our teachers especially focuses on, that are, Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics.


It is an application based subject. Students learn about the rules related to accounting, business organizations, and apply them in the real world.

Business Studies

Business Studies is the synthesis of complete knowledge related to businesses worldwide and deals in the application of understanding the root concepts behind managing big and small businesses. Our school focuses on making pupils understand the case studies related to the subject to explain the complex concepts of businesses. Entrepreneurship Program is one event that is organized once a year to make student understand the practical concepts of the subject.


Economics is wide subject ranging from Macro-Micro Economics to the new order of world economics after 2008 depression. Our Economics teacher make the subject interesting by regularly discussing the aspects of Indian economy with them and by making it compulsory for the class to read Economic Times everyday.

Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurship Program is an annual 20-day event felicitated by Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad for young students. Inspired by the entrepreneurial, success-oriented, risk taking approach of Mr Anirudh Khaitan, Vice Chairman at Khaitan Public School, the program is initiated by school to nurture the modern entrepreneurs of India. India is on the unprecedented path of development and growth. There is no time better than today to become an entrepreneur in India.

Students are selected from Class XI and are provided with a capital amount of ₹ 1000/- in groups. Students are asked to use their business skills and implement the theoretical aspects of business that they studied in Accountancy, Business Studies and Economics in their new entrepreneurial endeavour. They are allowed to use school premises as well as outside to experiment their path-breaking entrepreneurial idea. The purpose of the Entrepreneurship Program is to make students learn all practical aspects of Business Management.

Prize Money - ₹25,000 per team + They keep the profits.