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  • Tile Art Activity Engrosses Students and Teachers alike at Champ Fiesta Nov 2017

    Student leaders, scholar students, and Prefectorial Board Students from Classes III and VI attended Champ Fiesta (Nov 2017) on 29th November 2017. Students were super enthusiastic throughout the event. They were quick to take part in the discussion on the roles and responsibilities of Prefectorial Board members, and their aspirations and objectives as Prefectorial Board Members. All students shared their views on their understanding of leadership and the qualities of a good leader. They were encouraged by Bhumika and Gaurika, IX E students at KPS, who were compering at the event.

    The fiesta was organized at Junior Wing Play House Area and an art activity known as ‘Tile Art’ was conducted for students. Art teachers, Ms. Arni and Mr. Anirban were present at the event to facilitate the activity. Tiles, Brushes, and Enamel paints were provided to students and they were asked to paint their heart out on the tiles.The playful art activity engrossed students and teachers alike. All the teachers present at the venue along with Ms. Namrita Rathee, Ms. Geeta Varshneya, and Mr. Anirudh Khaitan could also be seen trying their hand at the tile art activity.

    The event was organized by I-LEAD students under the mentorship of Ms. Manika Sharma.

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