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  • How Technology is helping Students Learn Better and More

    Technology is helping teachers to expand their teaching methods beyond linear, text-based learning and to engage students who learn best in unconventional ways. Its role in schools has evolved from a contained “computer class” into a versatile learning tool that could change how we demonstrate concepts, assign projects and assess progress. KPS has already launched the Digitization drive technology and is now taking I-LEAD, it is flagship program to nurture leadership skills in students, to a higher level. It has been researched that “Children learn best when the content is relevant to them and when they can connect new learning with old.” Finding the Velcro to make those connections can be challenging, but with electronic games, it’s easy.

    These games are imparting the skills our children need to succeed. The process of understanding game rules and learning-by-doing provides children with essential decision-making skills. Learners can understand complex technology concepts without losing the connection between abstract ideas and the real problems. When reading about a game they are really interested in, students are able to comprehend at a level much higher than their normal reading ability. They are using the knowledge of general knowledge and skills in math, reading and science. The process of understanding game rules and learning-by-doing provides children with essential decision-making skills. There is also evidence that games allow students to focus well enough to learn better. Even creatively, children frequently have the option to modify and select character personalities in video games, allowing them the opportunity of self-expression.

    The students’ FA 3 exams were successfully completed on 25th November. Week beginning 28th Nov was the perfect time to conduct the I-LEAD activity of playing the e-games based on 7 habits. It was the week where children were super excited about the computer period as in this week children play online games based on the 7 habits. Grade 3 played School Daze Crazy Maze” wherein they were given the schedule of the day and the map of the school. The students are required to manoeuvre through the corridors and reach their classes in 45 sec avoiding the obstacles. If they are not able to reach they get a tardy slip. After the students played the game they were asked to discuss the learnings from the game. They could relate that life is also a game and if they do not reach their classes on time, they are losing. All of them wanted to win the game called life and they promised to be on time for their classes.

    Grade 4 played You’re in charge. In this game, mom is in office and child is in charge of the house and their little brother. They earn points when they behave responsibly and lose when they don’t. Mom has left a note of instructions for them. Children learnt to read the note and follow the instructions. They improved their reading and focusing skills. The game was followed by the discussion on how we should take charge of our work, play, health, and life.

    Grade 5 played Go Go Diego! where they need to guess the things which make Diego angry and the things which ‘Calm him down.’  The game helped them improve their English skills and intuitive powers by guessing each letter. They uncovered the things like ‘being lied to, being teased, getting hurt, too many chores….’ for getting angry and ‘Counting to ten, talk to a counsellor, writing a journal….’ for calming down.

    They could relate to such emotions. They also shared an instance which made them angry and how they overcame it.

    It was a very meaningful week which was packed with lots of technology enjoyment and self-reflection. It was learning through play, active engagement, and fun. It was a learning experience for me as well. Now I am on a lookout for more games which I can play with students because now students are asking “When can we play again…?”

    Looking forward to more gaming, more technology savvy and more learning!

    Garima Bhasin
    PRT Computer Teacher
    Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad

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