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  • Sanskriti House Wins the Debate Competition

    The Annual Inter House Debate Competition was held on 30 November 2017 for classes IX to XI. Each house was represented by 3 participants with one Speaker as an Interjector and the other two speaking in favor and against the motion. Sanskriti House bagged the first position in the competition, outstanding among the rest of 3 houses. The winners from Sanskriti House are Baikunth Sharma, Gaurika Sharma, and Somaya Shrivastava. Sumati House won the second position, led by Satakshi, Sargun Kaur, and Kavya Gaur. And Jagriti House won the third position with Riya Ahuja, Arjun Tiwari, and Manan Gupta as the participants.


    Shourya Jain of class X E (Pragati House) and Gaurika Sharma of class IX E (Sanskriti House) were jointly declared ‘The Best Debater.’ The Education Director, Ms. Geeta Varshneya shared her experiences with the students and threw some light on how to improve the debating skills.


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