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  • Parental Engagement for Grade UKG on “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body”

    A happy mind is a healthy mind and a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. Keeping the same in mind, grade UKG organized a Parental Engagement Session on 26th July 17 i.e., Wednesday on the topic “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body.” During the session, the parents were sensitized about the importance of health and how simple exercise like “Yoga” can help in maintaining a healthy body and a sound mind. Not only the exercises but healthy eating also plays an equal role in maintaining the health. Parents participated in both the activities with full enthusiasm. Firstly, the Yoga session rejuvenated their energy and then they participated in “Cooking without Fire” with their children where they prepared some delicious healthy food. Both parents and their wards enjoyed a lot. They were happy to be a part of today’s session and gave their heartwarming feedback about the same. The engagement of the parents showed that connecting home and school makes a great community of learners.

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