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  • Emotional Quotient or Intelligence Quotient: What is more important for success?

    In today’s time and age, it’s very important to possess balanced emotions to survive and grow in the world. Good academic performance by those with higher Intelligence Quotient but lower Emotional Quotient, may not be enough to bring success in their life. Most of you must have experienced or witnessed people who have high IQ but still fails to hold a job for a long time; people who don’t have cordial relationship with co-workers, failed marriages, low endurance, low self-esteem, etc, despite high IQ.

    Future is uncertain and unpredictable, we have to prepare ourselves and our kids for the best and for the worst of it. It’s disheartening to see that the talented youth of our country are facing severe emotional turmoil and are unable to deal with the stress effectively. They are getting depressed, reclusive, antisocial, and are also letting negative thoughts cloud their judgments, risk taking abilities, and every action taken by the logical part of the brain. Time has come where we start questioning our parenting methods. Why & what’s wrong with our generation? Why aren’t they able to cope up with the stressors in life?

    Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the new phenomenon that has become an inevitable part of our lives. Emotional Quotient of an individual is obtained on the basis of her ability to regulate emotions like keeping yourself in one piece even after tragic news, maintaining a healthy difference between professional and personal life, and never letting emotions cloud the judgement, especially when lives depend on your final decision.

    We humans are driven by emotions. It’s necessary to have a healthy balance of emotions. We need to keep a tab especially on our negative emotions like anger, jealousy, ego, insecurity, etc.

    We need to teach our kids to be positive in life, be compassionate, be patient, be hopeful, have faith in themselves, to self-regulate their emotions, effectively manage their anger and time to do more productive work, etc. The concept of EQ has emerged and now it is valued by all the organizations, whether it’s a school or in the corporate world. Emotional Quotient is widely used as a parameter to judge candidates appearing for various positions in most of the companies.

    So, together let’s promise each other that we will imbibe and will give utmost importance to EQ; as it makes or breaks our life.

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