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  • Why The Donald Trump Effect Took Place



    As the race for the United States President is in final phases, anyone who has even just briefly take a look at the proceedings is wondering the exact same thing – Why did the USA, one of the foremost nations of the world in almost all spheres, elect Donald Trump as the Republican candidate in its presidential election? Even though he is still a political novice, he is now the frontrunner of the election with some polls predicting his win over Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate.


    Your search for opinions about Donald Trump on the internet and you will notice that words like ‘obnoxious’, ‘hateful’, ‘crazy’, ‘arrogant’, ‘racist’ have a very high frequency. His proposals for the betterment of America have been building a wall on the southern border so as to prevent any Mexicans from entering the country and banning Muslims from entering the country. He was with abortion at one time and against it at another. He has insulted presidential candidates, newspapers, fellow Republicans, cultures, countries and even celebrities. The link below gives you a complete account-


    The question that arises again that after all this is, how come Trump is still even in the race for The White House? The answer is fear. Political campaigns have always drawn votes from the needs of the people. Promises of food, higher income, more jobs, better services etc had always been the highlights of any candidate’s manifesto.
    However, Donald Trump has started something new. He has gained his massive support by bringing out the fears of American citizens. He has used the dangerous stereotypes of communities, like Muslims and Mexicans, to scare the already scared American people. Indeed, the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and even the USA itself have shaken people all over the world as they were considered total safe havens from terror activities. The fear of losing jobs as a result of outsourcing and immigrants has also scared the people. That is why Trump’s stand on immigrants, which may seem ridiculous to many around the globe, has received large support from the citizens especially from the conservative group who see their personal and job safety threatened. He represents the white middle class who feel sidelined as politicians focus more on minorities for their vote bank. They feel desperate and ignored and it is also their anger that has propelled Trump so far.

    Every nation in the world is essentially similar to a human being. So is the United States. Outside is the charm, the brilliance, the confidence, the affability but deep down lies the fear and the anger. And when those subconscious and hidden emotions of a human come tumbling out, there is no guarantee what he or she might do. Trump has been riding on those emotions. He himself represents those emotions. The paranoia of a nation under the veils of supremacy and confidence. And the veils are no more.

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