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  • Creativo: The Activity Room for Primary Students at Khaitan Public School

    Creativo is a Spanish word that means creative in English.

    The world has so many wonderful discoveries that the child desires to embark upon. With the sensory-motor perception being at its peak in these early years we aim to provide our children the best of opportunities to explore, to design and to joyously share the same with their peers. As the idea of an activity room was floated I began to reflect on my experiences as an educator and as a parent as to what is it that the children would really want. Would they want a big room with bright shiny material which came off the shelf, would they want soft blocks, wouldn’t they want connections with nature, would they like a safe spot where they could just sit and observe all that is going on. Many such questions arose and these were all answered by my experiences in Reggio environments in Vancouver. The inspiration came from the SFU Childcare Centre and I set about designing the Reggio inspired room-Creativo. Beautifully done, buzzing with excitement yet calm in its own way Creativo contains elements of expressive arts, sensory play, construction, a math area, science area and a role play area. This article, the accompanying video, and many more videos which will be shared in a series of articles aim to share with each one as to what goes in the little minds as they go about their work. The invitations to work are beautifully planned by the Reggio Room Leader: Ms. Payal Mehrotra and supported by the two teachers of the class visiting the room. A designated housekeeping staff helps keep the room running smoothly.

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