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  • Redefining Smart: Inculcating Art Skills in Students

    Redefining Smart: Inculcating Art Skills in S...

    How do you define a smart student? ‘One who is intelligent and disciplined’ is the most obvious answer. It is one of the commonest images that comes to mind when we think of a smart person. But, this is the 21 st century, and this century demands children with varied skills- academics, sports, a[...]

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  • The Modern Teacher

    The Modern Teacher...

    Recently, there has been a lot of conversation over the skills that students of 21st Century should possess. It also becomes important that teachers and educators have the modern skills that are essential to make, learn and grow. Khaitan Public School in Sahibabad lists the checklist for a modern t[...]

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  • Next-Generation School Modern Libraries

    Next-Generation School Modern Libraries...

    Librarians all over the world are facing the critical question of how to get people interested in to the library. With digital revolution, all the information in the world available at one’s fingertips. Thus, people are not finding libraries as useful as before. When it comes to school libraries, [...]

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  • Learn to collaborate Collaborate to learn.

    Learn to collaborate Collaborate to learn....

    “Alone we can do so little: together we can do so much.” These words by Helen Keller are still seem so relevant after more than 60 years. When it comes to learning at school, there’s no better way to learn than learning together and growing together. Collaborative learning is a method of teach[...]

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  • Building lessons around current events encourages critical thinking

    Building lessons around current events encour...

    In the age of testing, can schools teach critical thinking? This is an important question which needs to be answered by educational institutions. Discussing current events in the classroom can effectively help in promoting critical thinking in the classroom. This is primarily due to the fact that Cu[...]

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  • Bend Backs vs. Straight ‘A’s : Light Bags, No Homework Policy

    Bend Backs vs. Straight ‘A’s : Light Bags...

    Did you know CBSE recently guided all schools to follow a light bag and no homework policy? Have you ever tried to calculate how much time does your child spends doing school homework? If you haven’t, we tell you, it’s not less than 25 hours in a week. Sometimes, these figures come close to tota[...]

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  • Helping your child get-and-stay organized.

    Helping your child get-and-stay organized....

    Helping your child get-and-stay organized Is the Key. “Clean your room” “Do your homework” “Eat your lunch properly” “Organize your school books and stay organized” If your day also starts with yelling and nagging with your children and also ends up with the same over and over again [...]

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  • Student Centric Education Is the Future

    Student Centric Education Is the Future...

    “One size does not fit all”. This phrase especially comes true when we talk about the learning curve of students. Every student has his specific learning need. When these specific learning needs are met, the percentage of underachievers and dropouts shrinks, engagement rates and the likeability [...]

  • Decoding a Teenager’s Developing Brain – A Parent’s Guide

    Decoding a Teenager’s Developing Brain ...

    Why teenager’s Developing Brain is hard to understand! Decoding a teenager’s developing brain during growing years does not come with a manual.” As early as you understand this fact, understanding the teenage brain would seemingly become easier for you. According to a research done by US-based[...]

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  • Careers in Humanities: think beyond Science and Commerce

    Careers in Humanities: think beyond Science a...

    Careers in Humanities Students of this generation have to go under tremendous pressure in order to choose the right career. Competition has been increasing rapidly and it has come to a point where parents start preparing their children for competitive exams during middle school itself. This takes a [...]

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  • Should C.B.S.E Schools in Delhi/NCR have happiness curriculum?

    Should C.B.S.E Schools in Delhi/NCR have happ...

    It wouldn’t be erroneous to state that the basic role of education is to mould the mind and personality of students and help them attain a positive attitude towards life. But, what good is education if it is unable to pave the path towards a happy and tranquil life? The English medium schools [...]

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    Reshaping today’s education system: Digital Marketing In a world that has come to be partially run by technology, life can come to a standstill with no access to gadgets and technical aid for the most mundane of our activities. From the currents news that we get to communication to keep a check on[...]

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