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  • Ways to make more student-centered classrooms

    Ways to make more student-centered classrooms...

    Traditionally, a classroom has a teacher standing in front while students sit and try to listen! A teacher-centred classroom fails to put a focus on needs of each student and what makes them unique whereas a student centered classroom is based on the concept of students having a powerful capacity to[...]

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  • Top 10 Study Tips to avoid Distraction and Stay Focused while Studying

    Top 10 Study Tips to avoid Distraction and St...

    Does the above-mentioned headline sound familiar to you? We’re sure it does! It has happened to you before, it has happened to us and we’re sure most of the students have experienced this every now and then. But there’s always a solution, there are simple study tips to avoid distraction and st[...]

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  • 10 Productive things to do during the School Summer Holidays

    10 Productive things to do during the School ...

    Things you should could and most likely want to do over your School Summer holidays break. Board exams are over. School’s out and students across India are eagerly waiting for summer vacations. Now, what am I going to do with all this free time? A question millions of students around India think t[...]

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  • Balancing Sports, Academics Together

    Balancing Sports, Academics Together...

    Here’s the right way to balancing sports, academics Together Can you imagine the great Sachin Tendulkar leaving his passion for cricket to pursue higher education? Thank god he didn’t, we just can’t imagine cricket without Sachin. That said education is not merely restricted to classrooms, mar[...]

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  • Anxiety, Stress and Board Exams Fever

    Anxiety, Stress and Board Exams Fever...

    Let Children Enjoy their Studies during Board Exams It’s that time of the year when our students are expected to be their best and the inevitable is just around the corner. Each year we discuss and ponder on how we can free children from the over-bearing stress of board exams and the ever-growing [...]

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  • All There is to Know About Android App Development | The Technocratie

    All There is to Know About Android App Develo...

    So, you want to do Android App Development, change the world with your app? Well, my friend, you’re at the right place! Want to know where to start? How to Learn the blissful, that is Android App Development? I’ll sort the answers and clear most of the doubts in your head! So, my friend, are &he[...]

  • Why Women Empowerment is the only way Forward for a Better Society

    Why Women Empowerment is the only way Forward...

    Nature divided us into two genders i.e. male and female while crafting the most complex living structure, but the society classified these mortal beings as family earners and family makers. This division of labor was charted out centuries ago when the earnings were solely based on physical labor. Bi[...]

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  • Registrations Open: ‘Summer Champ Camp’ at Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad is Back!

    Registrations Open: ‘Summer Champ Camp&...

    After the huge success of last year's 'Summer Champ Camp' at Khaitan Public School, Sahibabad, we are back with this year's edition, with better ideas and activities! The Camp is open to all kids, irrespective of whether they are already a student at Khaitan Public School or not. It will start on 19[...]