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  • 3rd Position for Subhoshree Bose (XI B) for Gita Recitation in Sanskrit

    A Sanskrit Shlok Recitation Competition from Bhagawat Gita was organized by Sri Aurobindo Society on 2nd December 2017. A student of KPS, Shubhoshree Bose (XI B) successfully recited 15 selected shlokas from Bhagawat Gita to bag the third prize in the competition. The competition was held at Sri Aurobindo Bhavan, Sector 62, Noida and the occasion for content was the celebration of Gita Jayanti on 30th November i.e., Thursday. Shubhoshree was awarded a goody bag full of Sanskrit and Hindi books on Sri Aurobindo and has also been awarded a certificate for her outstanding recital of shlokas. She was accompanied by her facilitator, Ms. Manju Sharma.


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